This teaser video, put out prior to our Indiegogo Campaign, was meant to give Choice Not Chance supporters a small glimpse of the honest and raw emotions of some of the young men featured in the documentary.  The official trailer is below.

The fruit are talking...It's time for the tree to listen!

As Mothers, Angela Morrow and Mindy Fuller could see the vast potential in their Sons and their peers. When they talked to young men, they witnessed intelligent, articulate, engaging men with promising futures. But for too many young men of color, their life stories were not playing out in positive ways.  Mindy and Angela wanted to help, but how could they without knowing why young men were making the choices they were making.


The Choice Not Chance Documentary gives 9 amazing young men from differing socio-economic backgrounds a platform to tell us all what is behind their choices. It is now time to close our mouths and open our hearts. We must accept our mistakes and stop making excuses. We must learn how to be their advocate and not their opponent. But most of all, we each must be willing to take the actions necessary to MAKE the statistics change! The success of our Sons depends on the choices we all make.


Be prepared to learn the heart of your Son in a documentary parents are calling “eye-opening” and young men are calling “therapeutic”.  Be prepared to be moved to action to change the future for our Sons! 



Teaser Video

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​It's time to listen to the hearts of our Sons!


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