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            Mindy Fuller and Angela Morrow

Mindy and Angela are two mothers who have always been concerned about the state of young women and men.


The two women met back in 2004 when Angela volunteered for a mentoring program for high school girls Mindy was beginning. After many years of mentoring young ladies, both hearts began to slowly turn toward the state of young men. Although they talked for close to 4 years about ways to help young men, the stars never aligned for their project to come to fruition.


Burdened by seeing so many talented, intelligent and gifted young men making bad choices, both decided in 2013 there was only one way to find out what was really going on with them - and that was to ask! So they engaged in creating a filmed forum of 9 young men and 8 seasoned and successful men all from varying backgrounds and suddenly resources seemed to fall from the sky.


Those resources included a studio and professionals from local television station WRAL, consultant and forum commentator Vince Bayaan, the beautifully filmed videographer skills of Darryl Morrow, the passionate opinions of educational revolutionary Dr. Steve Perry, and a host of talented professionals and consultants who believe this project can spark positive change for young men. To make sure we kept it real, we added some spice with clients from Fades local barbershop. We believe what you see will speak to the hearts of our community and inspire positive change, not only in the way we raise our Sons, but the way our Sons live their lives!


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