A Lesson In Survival

With an absent father and a mother who gave him too much freedom, Larry’s choices early in life still deeply affect his options today. But Larry has shown himself to be a survivor and uses those life lessons to move him forward.


A Lesson In Defining Yourself

Tywon’s background should have made him a statistic. But this 8th grade dropout became the Student Ambassador at his college! Today, Tywon runs a successful business!


A Lesson In Change

As a child of divorced parent, a younger Andrew made negative choices. But one simple personal choice changed his life completely around.  Today Andrew is a college grad and a positive example for young people.


A Lesson In Self Love

Tory internalized the abandonment by his mother and abandoned himself. When he learned to love himself, his life began to change.


A Lesson In Perseverence

DJ is the definition of “mental toughness”. He is confident in his identity and inner strength regardless of what is going on around him. Today that strength and confidence guide DJ through college.


A Lesson In Motivation

Shane’s exceptional abilities on the football field (along with positive reinforcement from coaches and foster parents) kept him motivated to struggle through foster care into adulthood and college.


A Lesson In Faith

Michael endured various trials (including poverty and the illness of his Mother) with only his Faith in God to see him through. His tests have given him a testimony and made him a better man!


A Lesson In Self Identity

Without a family to identify with, Dyshon didn’t know who he was. Dyshon had to decide that for himself.


A Lesson In Self-Reliance

Victor quickly learned that the success of his parents had no bearing in his success! He had to reach deep within to make his own destiny. He uses those lessons to coach young men on the soccer field!

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